Secure your Telegram channel

To use the @web3_domain_bot to certify or verify a Telegram channel, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have a Web3 Domain registered and set up at and it’s affiliated sites.
  2. Add the @web3_domain_bot to your Telegram channel by searching for “@web3_domain_bot” in the Telegram app and clicking “Start”.
  3. Modify the description field of your channel to include the “w3d:” prefix followed by your Web3 Domain Name. For example, if your Web3 Domain Name is “demo”, the description should contain “w3d:demo”. This will associate your channel with your Web3 Domain and help verify its authenticity.
  4. If any user types the “/admin” command in the channel, the @web3_domain_bot will look up the blockchain records and display the information entered in the “demo” domain for the Telegram notice. This will allow users to verify the admins of the channel and ensure that they are genuine.

By using the @web3_domain_bot to certify or verify a Telegram channel in this way, you can help prevent spam and ensure that your channel is authentic.