Introduction & Installation

You can install this extension on Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi.

How to install chrome extension ?

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Find Web3Domain and select the extension.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. After installation you will see Web3Domain icon on your toolbar extension list.

Why to use Web3Domain browser extension ?

As you know Web3Domain is decentralized NFT domains.
It contains lots of information including name, email, picture, wallet addresses and link to Web3 websites.

To access those information this tool is very handy to use.

Visit Decentralized Website

The decentralized web is here. It’s growing fast and is easier than ever to use.

A normal website has two basic components: a web server where the website files are stored, and a DNS name to access the website in a human-friendly way. A decentralized website makes both parts censorship-resistant: it uses IPFS (a distributed file storage network) for storage, and the Web3Domain Name (W3D.Name; a decentralized Ethereum-based naming system) for the name to access it.

Here’s how you can access the decentralized web today.

How to visit decentralized website ?

All you need to download our Web3Domain chrome extension and type the domain name into extension’s search box.
This will redirect to show content through IPFS.

Can Web3Domain be used to visit Web2 sites ?

Yes, Web3Domain has option to show either Web3 content or your old existing regular websites.