/profile command

The “/profile” command is a command that can be used with the @web3_domain_bot in Telegram to retrieve information about a user’s profile. When used, the @web3_domain_bot will check the user’s profile description for a Web3 Domain Name (e.g. “w3d:jack.demo”) and retrieve information about that Web3 Domain from the blockchain. This information can include the owner, resolver, and expiration date of the domain, as well as any other data that has been entered into the domain’s records.

To use the “/profile” command, simply type “/profile” followed by the Telegram username of the user you want to look up in the chat of a channel or group where the @web3_domain_bot has been added. The @web3_domain_bot will then retrieve the information about the Web3 Domain mentioned in the user’s profile description and display it in the chat.

The “/profile” command can be useful for verifying the authenticity of a user’s profile and ensuring that it is not a spam account. It can also be used to retrieve information about a Web3 Domain that is associated with a user’s profile.