Welcome to Web3Domain.org, your premier Web3 Domain service provider. While similar to platforms like ENS and Unstoppable, we differentiate ourselves by offering a unique ecosystem where all minted domains function seamlessly together. Companies have the opportunity to secure top-level domains (TLDs) from us and create customized use cases that benefit not only themselves but also others within the ecosystem. Take, for instance, Web3Yak.com, which leverages Web3Domain to deliver their innovative NFT Business Card solution, powered by their own proprietary logic. Join us today and unlock the boundless potential of Web3Domains for your business and beyond.

Visit decentralized websites & retrieve web3 domain's records

Our Ecosystem

These are the tools already ready to use. Feel free to try with any of our web3 domains minted

WordPress Plugin

Free software to become Web3 Domain provider, display token price, MetaMask login & more.

Public API

Generate public JSON URL with Web3Doamin records. It can be used with other 3rd party application.

Browser Extension

Visit decentralized websites & receive instant web3 domain's records.

Domain as Social Handle

Visit decentralized website or your NFT based content by appending @domain at the end of the URL. No extension & plugins required.

Telegram Bots

Effortlessly access domain records for telegram user, other domain and to manage channel.

NPM Package​

A library can be used to retrieve domain records and IPFS hashes for decentralized websites.​

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