Telegram bot

Telegram commands are used to interact with Web3Domain to retrieve domain records within the Telegram application

Available commands


Retrieve information about a Web3 Domain Name


Retrieve information about a user’s profile


Retrieve a list of the administrators for a channel or group


This will guide users how to use Telegram’s Web3 Domain bot.


We don't collect any user sensitive information. Basically telegram do not allow application to collect user private details.


Just chat with @web3_domain_bot as you do with other users.


No separate application need to get installed. It will not take any additional resources on your devices.


/hlep command is available which will act as a guide for you.

Bots to channel

Lists the name of administrator and additional information available on blockchain connected with the Web3Domain.

Bots can be added to Telegram channels in the same way as normal users, but they can only be added by the channel’s administrator.

  1. Open the Telegram app and search for “@web3_domain_bot”.
  2. Click on the bot’s name to open a private chat with it.