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Sell your own unique domains customers looking for a simple and secure way to access the decentralized web.
eg. someone.yourname | someone.brand

Benefits of being a web3Domain provider


You have full control over the domain names you mint and sell, giving you the ability to grow your business and build your brand.


Web3 domains are built on blockchain technology, making them secure and resistant to cyber attacks and data breaches.


You are helping customers access the decentralized web, where data and transactions are stored on a distributed network.


With web3 domains, customers only need to remember one easy-to-read domain name instead of long, complicated wallet addresses.


By having a web3 domain, users can easily link all their social handles, communication addresses, and wallet addresses to one single identity.


As a provider, you can earn commission on each domain you sell, helping you to increase your revenue and grow your business.
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Unleash your business potential by becoming a web3 domain provider. Offer your customers unique, secure domains and let them do the selling for you. Join the decentralized web revolution and start your own web3 domain business today.

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How to start ?

Install Free WordPress Plugin for a Seamless minting with MetaMask
Marketplace Configuration

Get Your Own Top-Level Domain at and Set Up the Price for Minting through the WordPress Plugin.

Start Selling Web3Domains Instantly and Without Any Fees with Your Quickly Configured Website.


Most frequent questions and answers

Becoming a web3 domain provider requires the following steps:

  1. Visit the website and sign up for an account.
  2. Reserve your desired top-level domain (TLD).
  3. Set up the minting price for the TLD using a WordPress plugin.
  4. Start promoting your TLD to potential customers and sell web3 domains through your website or on our website.
    Note: It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the web3 domain system and its workings before starting your business.

As a web3 domain provider, you earn a commission that ranges from 50-90% of each domain sold. The commission can vary based on market conditions and is subject to change. The payment is credited immediately to the TLD owner’s wallet address.

No, there are no renewal or hidden fees for being a web3 domain provider. However, the terms and conditions of commission and payments may change based on market conditions. It is advisable to regularly check the commission and payment policies of

Web3Domain is different from ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Unstoppable Domains in a few ways. While both ENS and Unstoppable Domains offer decentralized domain name services, Web3Domain offers a more comprehensive solution that includes the ability to store multiple profiles, social handles, and communication addresses under a single domain name. Additionally, Web3Domain uses NFTs to verify user identities, which provides a level of trust and security not found in other decentralized domain name providers. The commission structure for reselling Web3Domain names is also more flexible, allowing for higher earning potential compared to ENS and Unstoppable Domains.

Yes, as a TLD owner, you can sell domains under your TLD and earn a commission on each sale. The commission percentage is usually between 50-90% and is subject to change based on market conditions. Payments are credited immediately to your wallet address upon the sale of a domain under your TLD.