Fetch & Visit Decentralized Records

Install free chrome extension from web store

Use Web3Domain browser extension

We know Web3Domain is decentralized NFT domains.
It contains lots of information including name, email, picture, wallet addresses and link to Web3 websites.

To access those information this tool is very handy to use.

Visit Decentralized Website

Traditionally, web browsers are limited to visiting centralized hosted websites, making direct access to decentralized platforms challenging. However, we have developed a solution in the form of our Chrome extension. Simply install the extension, click on it, and enter the desired web3 domain you wish to visit. Our extension supports ENS, Unstoppable, and Yak Domains, enabling seamless navigation within the decentralized web. Take control of your online experience and explore the decentralized world with ease using our Chrome extension.

Retrieve domain records

Experience the power of web3 domains, where decentralized records coexist alongside website links. Our Chrome extension allows you to effortlessly retrieve these records, which can include personal names, addresses, bank details, wallet addresses, social handles, and more. Simply enter the desired domain name and select the lookup field of interest from the provided select box. Uncover a wealth of information and seamlessly explore the decentralized world with our user-friendly Chrome extension.

Simplified Access to IPFS URLs

IPFS URLs, denoted as ipfs://…, are uniquely designed but not directly supported by web browsers. However, our Chrome extension bridges this gap by enabling you to visit these URLs effortlessly. Simply copy and paste the IPFS URL into the search box provided, and our extension will open the associated content for you. Seamlessly navigate the decentralized web and explore IPFS resources with ease using our user-friendly Chrome extension.