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Joining ODude MEME Name

Joining ODude MEME Name offers significant benefits to token owners looking to expand the utility and reach of their ERC-20 tokens. Here's how partnering with ODude can add value to your project:

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Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Your Token with ODude MEME Name

Begin by visiting and minting a top-level name that aligns with your brand. This TLN will serve as the primary identifier for your project within the ODude ecosystem.

After minting your TLN, visit to bind your ERC-20 token’s contract address to your newly created TLN. This step establishes the connection between your token and the TLN, enabling future interactions.

Next, set the price for sub-names under your TLN. This is the amount of your token that users will need to pay to mint sub-names. Consider the demand and rarity of your token when setting this price.

To promote your brand and manage your TLN, download the ‘ODude Launchpad’ from This white-label dApp is designed to work with ODude MEME Name, providing a customizable platform to promote your TLN and associated sub-names.

Once you’ve downloaded the ‘ODude Launchpad’, configure the necessary settings in the configuration file. This includes setting up your TLN, integrating with your token’s ERC-20 contract address, and adjusting other custom settings to match your brand.

After configuring the ‘ODude Launchpad’, deploy your dApp to make it accessible to your users. This step allows your community to interact with your TLN, mint sub-names, and engage with your token through the platform.

By following these steps, you’ll have a unique TLN connected to your ERC-20 token, a customizable platform to promote your brand, and a new use case for your token, driving engagement and potential revenue.