Product Authentication

Most marketers use QR Codes on product packaging to build a transparent and trustworthy relationship with their customers.

These QR Codes can link to the company’s website, the list on ingredients used to make the product, or the product’s production process.

But there isn’t any way of knowing if the product is genuine by simply scanning the QR Code or barcode.

Now with the help of web3domain blockchain technology, we build such platform that every physical product which is rare (unique serial number) can be authenticated as it came from original provider or not.

Manufacturer or supplier need to register each product at and prevents for duplicate identity product gets posted. Verification option not only gives information of real supplier, it also capable of showing current owner of the product.

Let’s explain with the roles involved.

Seller/ Manufacturer

  1. iPhone product has unique serial number A1234
  2. Apple company register this number at as which saves information over blockchain domain.
  3. Assign records to domain. Eg. “This product 555666777 is being supplied to ABC store of New York”.

Buyer / Consumer

  1. He/She visit XYZ store of California
  2. He/She scans QR code or visit which open IPFS site which says this serial number is at New York. It simply clarifies that this product is not genuine. As this is not a ABC Store.

Let’s say this product A1234 is being sold to Mr. Jack.
Apple company can use MetaMask wallet to transfer this ID to Mr. Jack MetaMask wallet address.
Now the owner is Mr. Jack and whoever scan same ID shows the owner name. Mr. Jack has full rights over the information to be shown to public. Even Apple company cannot change it anymore.

Certificate Authentication 

There are many school, colleges, institutes who provide physical certificate to the student. 

In this digital world, using photoshop and different software same like certificate can be printed with the new name on it.

What if there is a serial number on the certificate that exists on blockchain which can never be altered or deleted. can be used for this. You can hold primary domain from us which has total control of it with the owner.

Owner can mint serial number and print it on certificate. 

To validate get ready script from and upload in your website. 

Later anyone can visit your or our website to validate the serial number.

Remember: While validating we do not connect our server. Records are directly fetched from the blockchain.