Delete Domain

All the Web3Domain minted are decentralized and it cannot be deleted once minted. The delete button only deletes the record from our server but it always remains on blockchain. Why delete button ?There is limit of 10 domains per wallet on our server. It means we can keep records of 10 domains for free on […]

Theme Management

Whenever the domain is minted, IPFS page is auto generated with the default theme available. Member can change theme to other by visiting ‘theme management’ page. After clicking “Theme Manage” the list of theme appears. Select your desired theme by clicking on “Activate” button. To make changes into blockchain, do sure to “Assign record” following […]

Import Domain

If you received web3domain from someone else or you minted at 3rd party platform the domain will not be visible in your dashboard.To able to update records in blockchain and to get listed in your “User Dashboard” page. Follow the steps below. 1- Visit dashboard page.2- Here you will have to connect your wallet into polygon main […]

Domain to Website

The process to resolve web3domain name to your website (www). Note: website visit is best accessible by browser extension. We have option to link your existing HTTP site & IPFS site to NFT Web3Domain you own with us. Unlike other web3 domain provider, you don’t need to stick with decentralized website. Link HTTP or IPFS […]

What is IPFS ?

One of the most significant flaws with the internet, as it is today, is its centralization. On the one hand, centralization provides a substantial benefit as it enables the system to deliver information at high speed. The information on the internet is centralized since all data is kept in large server farms controlled by specific […]

Transfer to New Owner

1- Go to dashboard page by connecting your wallet 2- This page will show the domains you have registered. Click on the domain you want to transfer Click on “Mint/Sync Domain”. This page allows you to modify everything at blockchain.You will need to get connected with Metamask.This will check current connected wallet is owner of […]

Register Web3Domain Name

To obtain web3domain name, is very simple task. With an example is explained below. For example you need to register .sport domain. 1- Visit dashboard page. 2- Here you will have to connect your wallet into polygon main net. After you get connected, you will be landed on user dashboard page. This page will […]

Assign records to Domain

In this tutorial we will assign records to the domain already minted and registered.Before you continue on this page you should know the process to mint & register domain. When domain is minted, it is just occupied by owner. So that no other person can claim it. But it has no use case yet. Web3Domain […]

What is Minting?

Minting is the process of registering a domain onto the blockchain via your cryptocurrency wallet to gain full custody of the domain. This means that nobody else has control over it except for the rightful owner. This is what makes them decentralized. Once minted, neither web3domain nor any other entity is able to make changes […]