$FIL   1
  IPFS fil.w3d.name
  Domain fil

  • Filecoin Domain
  • https://filecoin.io/
  • FIL is the native token of the Filecoin network. FIL tokens are used as an economic incentive to ensure data is stored reliably over time.


We are creating a community holding .fil domain so that any team member can contact you easily and know about you in detail in decentralized way.

  • Mint your own domain on the Hyperspace network for free.

  • All minted domains will be transferred to the FEVM mainnet as a giveaway.

  • Create a decentralized profile for yourself.

    This makes it easier for team members to reach you.

  • Centralize all your social handles in one place.

    Say goodbye to juggling multiple usernames. One domain name is all you need.

  • List all your Github and demo links.

  • Include your wallet address for easy transaction

    No need to remember or note down long wallet addresses.

Reserved Web3Domain

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