Web3Domain moto is to make 100% decentralized username, website. We are proud to say, we have finally did it.

Web3Domain’s domain is just like a username that represent¬†all social identity.
The domain name once minted, is editable only be the owner who minted it.
Web3Domain also do not have any rights to alter it. This domain is just like a NFT.

The records, images uploaded at web3domain.org is again get uploaded at IPFS sites. The hash code is generated which is assigned to the NFT’s Token URI. As like other domain provider , we do not host any personal information on our server.

As soon as user updates records at web3domain.org, it will create a website that is again uploaded to IPFS cloud server. Each domain name comes with ready website hosted over decentralized server.

Our unique Features:

1- Minted domain will work as NFT which can never be deleted or updated.
2- Web3Domain is just a gateway between you and domain. Once minted, our job is done.
3- We do not need any credit cards
4- We do not collect IP address.
5- Records, images, JSON files, everything is uploaded over IPFS
6- While using chrome extension, our server is not used at all.
7- No need to pay for hosting website.
8- No renewal charges.
9- Deployed over Polygon. (Cheap & Fast service)
10 – Ticket to Metaverse.