In this social world, specially in digital world one person have at least 4-5 social handles. Some of the people even have to remember more then 10 social username/handle. Whenever someone ask for the username, most of the time he/she have to think carefully or requires reconfirmation.

This all happened because there is no single username for everything. One username available in twitter may not be available in Facebook. If any other user using same username on different social platform scam may occurred. And this happened to many person. Loosing identity is big loss.

To eliminate such issues, has a unique and powerful solution. Where one domain (username) can work for all the social ids.

As this is new concept, let me explain it by an real world example.

Mr. Elon has profile on twitter & have Youtube channel but he do not have Facebook profile.
He will first come to our site
1- Register domain name (
2- Mint that domain
3- Enter all social handle, information and assign that information to minted domain (

Now we know his domain name is
Now to get his email address, just type
For twitter
For Facebook (It will not return anything because he do not have Facebook)
For YouTube channel link

This way he just need to provide his domain name with public.
Anyone can retrieve his public information available on blockchain.
Email, BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, twitter, youtube, telegram, discord, id

Except owner of domain, nobody can change records. ( also can’t do anything)
Records available forever and no renewal required.
To see information no need to connect any MetaMask or wallet.
Chrome extension available for easy access.